Wiltshire Dairy plant seeing major benefits from their Recoil System 28

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Recoil System 28

Following the turnkey installation of our Recoil System 28 plant, at a leading Wiltshire dairy, an immediate difference was noted in their effluent plant: recovering substantial volumes of high grade (low moisture) butter fats, the effluent plant is now within discharge consent and the pre-existing DAF plant sludge has been virtually eminated. A further result of the installation has been the COD reduction within the process effluent (as a direct result of FOG removal) and while this does not happen in all food processing industries, it is an added benefit of the system when deployed in dairy facilities.

With the cost savings on sludge handling, and the ever increasing value of the recovered FOG, this site have calculated that the Recoil system will have a payback time of less than eighteen months !