United Biscuits: New dawn for effluent processing


Location: Ashby de la Zouche, Liecestershire, UK

Installation Date: 17th June 2008

Industry Sector: Preformed corn and potato starch fried snacks

United Biscuits PhotoPre-install Issues: The client was trying to use a DAF plant to remove oils from their effluent but this was unsuccessful due to the high pH of the effluent (9-11), exacerbated by the caustic wash from the frying kettles. pH balancing was required before AND after the DAF plant. The client had been outside of consent for some time and had recently been fined Ј50k by the Environment Agency.

United Biscuits PhotoSolution: A Recoil 28 unit was installed to replace the aging DAF plant, there are no solids present and as result the augers were omitted. The control systems are Siemens S7 logic and feature touch sensitive user interface with manual override for all controls to enable individual maintenance functions to be accessed remotely. The pH balancing is now only performed once, after the Recoil system

United Biscuits PhotoResult: The client has removed the cost of running the DAF plant, reduced the cost of pH control and removed the requirement for any sludge to be removed from site. Total savings Ј70k per annum. On top of this the client now enjoys an income of over Ј50k per annum from the sale of the recovered sunflower oil, the recover rate is around 20 tonnes per month at up to 97%. The client is now consistently compliant with their discharge licence, FOG has been reduced from peaks of 20,000ppm to a consistent level below 100ppm. COD is reduced by 85% as are TSS. pH is also now normalised between 6 and 8.