Recovered Oil

RecOil LogoEffluent control & revenue from waste

The ultimate evolution of high volume FOG separation and removal is embodied in the RECOIL system from Recovered Oil Ltd. With patent-protected balancing of phase ratios, the Recoil plant is a fully integrated, self-regulating, FOG management system. A typical arrangement (pictured here at a leading UK Dairy plant):

is PCU controlled with pumps, sensors, meters and valves which move effluent through the system at up to 120m3/hr. Recovered  FOG is delivered to storage automatically, ready for bulk collection.

RecOil PhotoWaste Water
FOG removal, which is significant in its own right, can also dramatically reduce Biological and Chemical Oxygen Demand (BOD & COD) meaning the resulting waste water gives reduced problems and costs in treatment works.

Waste Oil
Utilising individually specified, industrial-scale Recoil units, the recovered oil has water contents as low as 0.5%, making it a high value revenue stream.

Waste solids
Depending on the materials involved, the optional twin auger filter system can produce remarkably dry waste solids and a significant additional revenue stream.

Equipped with an array of sophisticated sensors and feed-back loops, the RECOIL system is entirely self-regulating. With the ability to call on fresh or re-cycled water volumes, it will successfully process an astonishing range of incoming effluent compositions.

Applications include: Abbatoirs and Rendering Plants; Edible Oil Process Plants (supply or recovery); Cooking Facilities Frying (Crisps, Oven Chips, etc); Cooking Facilities Non-frying (Ready Meals, TV Dinners, etc); Dairy Facilities; Brown Grease and Grease Trap Content; and Hydrocarbon Contamination.

RecOil Photo

RECOIL is delivering a strong competitive advantage by comparison with Dissolved Air Flotation or DAF plants.RECOIL is delivered skid mounted and pre-wired for ease of installation and commissioning. The system requires a hot water supply or connection to existing steam return lines. 32 Amp three-phase (440-460V 50/60Hz) is also required. Tailored lease or rental plans are available and offer the potential for the RECOIL system to become self-financing in a remarkably short time.

This chicken preparation plant is using RECOIL to produce high volume, high quality recovered oil.