Ramada Jarvis choose Fatstrippa

After many years battling with the high cost, disruption and frustration of blockages to the kitchen drains, Ramada Jarvis carried out a thorough and far-reaching review of their options. Various possibilities were evaluated and the key issues were:

  • high-performance Fat, Oil and Grease separation
  • cost of supply and installation
  • on-costs of consumable materials and solutions, &
  • mechanical reliability

Ramada Jarvis chose FS Engineering to supply and install the patented Fatstrippa grease separation system.

Fatstrippa has class leading performance for F.O.G. separation with levels below 100ppm regularly recorded. Although there are a number of products with lower top-line prices, none of these deliver the same performance; the same ease of maintenance; the same freedom from dosing with expensive enzymes or bacteria; the same complete package.

FS Engineering have now delivered a tailored package of 2x FS220 and 1x FS100 units covering the combi-ovens, pot-wash and dish-washer areas. Ramada Jarvis Bradford wave good-bye to their F.O.G. problems.