L'vala LogoL’vala coffee grounds filter is a solution for restaurants and coffee shop operators. Recovered Oil have added the l’vala coffee filter, with newly improved design and construction, to our product range.

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L'vala PhotosThe l’vala™ coffee filter will effectively protect your drains from becoming blocked with compacted coffee grounds and so protect your business from the cost and disruption of clearance. Whether operating a “push button” coffee system, or a full scale Barista operation, the multiple inlet arrangementallows one single filter to be used for coffee machines, sinks and the dishwasher. This reduces the installation time and the daily maintenance time, saving you money from day one.

With its multiple inlets and large capacity basket the l’vala coffee filter can hold in excess of 10 litres of coffee ground in the easy access filter. L’vala filters are avialable in three sizes:

Unit Inlet Height Width Depth
CF1 2 x 42 mm 250 mm 200 mm 350 mm
CF2 3 x 42 mm 250 mm 300 mm 350 mm
CF3 4 x 42 mm 250 mm 400 mm 350 mm

Unlike most sink filters, which are small capacity “tube” filters installed in the waste pipe in the sink, l’vala filters utilise a spring loaded closure device.

Simple to Use

The operative lifts the hinged lid and removes the filter using the easy accessible handle. The closure device seals the inlets while the filter is emptied. Once re-installed the filter opens the inlet and the unit is returned to service.

Coffee grounds make an excellent organic fertiliser or compost, and the use of coffee grounds in this way is becoming a cost effective and environmetally friendly option. Futhermore, for larger operations with relatively high volumes of grounds, the option of removing the oil they contain, prior to composting, is becoming viable.

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