Recoil Industrial FOG Recovery Units

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Industrial Fatstrippa PhotoWorking closely with our suppliers, Recovered Oil have developed a range of Recoil/Fatstrippa units, specified and scaled, for the continuous removal of Fat, Oil and Grease from effluent streams within industrial food processing facilities.

Operating on effluent streams containing fats in the range of 1 to 50%, these Recoil separators are capable of removing vegetable and animal fats to less than 100ppm. For effluent streams with higher fat concentrations check the options available through Recovered Oil Limited.

Recovered Oil have successfully installed industrial Recoil units into a diverse range of processing plants including: Indian Ready-Meals; Bilge-water Reprocessing; etc. Some of these units are recovering Fat, Oil and Grease at up to 2,00kg per day and with moisture contents of 0.3% or less.

The daily conversion of 2 tonnes of costly problem waste into a valuable, environmentally responsible, resource is a major credit to your “green” account, as well as a serious commercial prospect.

Industrial Recoil units can be fitted with pre- and post-treatment equipment for dealing with a variety of contaminants including food debris, packaging materials, flour and pH control. With a much smaller foot-print than conventional technologies, no requirement for chemicals or polymer flocks, lower purchase cost, reduced operating cost (with potential for net gain) and with substantially improved performance, Industrial Recoil units offer break-through potential in comparison to traditional methods, … turning problems into opportunities.