Kettleby Foods


Location: Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, UK

Installation Date: 29th August 2004

Industry Sector: Production of Ready Meals

Pre-install Issues: The client boils minced pork and beef in large pressure vessels before combining with other ingredients. The resulting effluent from these vessels has a high fat content (approx 12%), the client was settling the effluent in these vessels prior to skimming the worst of the oil contamination with a manually operated vacuum pump and lance, the removed effluent was transferred to IBC containers and disposed of; this had a cost of around £50 per tonne for shipping and dumping.

Kettleby Foods PhotoSolution: The client wanted a solution which would automatically remove the oils from the waste water thereby enabling faster turnaround of the cooking vessels, reduced waste charges and income from the recovered fats and oils. A specially manufactured Fatstrippa unit, to handle 10 litres per second of flow, was installed with integral oil container and pump to transfer the recovered oils and fats via a trace heated line to a heated storage vessel.

Result: The Fatstrippa is removing the waste fats and oils from the effluent to below 100ppm whilst transferring in excess of 5 tonnes of oils and fats per week to the storage vessel. This oil is achieving an income of around £1-1.5k per week. The cooking vessels now have a faster turnaround between batches therefore helping with the efficiency of the operations. The Fatstrippa is controlled via a logic panel with process management indicators. The whole process happens automatically and without human interface.