Hill Biscuits clear their lines with Fatstrippa

Hill Biscuits PhotoCustomer: HILL BISCUITS LTD

Location: Ashton under Lyme, Lancashire, UK

Installation Date: 16th May 2009

Industry Sector: Biscuit manufacture

Pre-install Issues: The client has experienced drainage issues, from a combination of solidified palm oil and flour, for a considerable time; the consequent drain jetting and waste removal, have been a persistant and unnecessary cost to the business. The client has a small two-stage grease trap in the wash-down location inside the factory that has obvious complications for the adjacent production area.

Solution: A 6.5 litre per second Fatstrippa was installed with a low shear Mono pump for effluent delivery. The two sections of the grease trap were isolated and the primary section utilised as a pump well from where effluent is drawn from the mid point via a dip tube.

Hill Biscuits PhotoHill Biscuits PhotoResult: The effluent is passed through the Fatstrippa which efficiently removes larger debris and any oils present. The processed effluent is the passed through a flow meter before returning by gravity to the secondary stage of the original trap and onward to drain. The lower part of the primary section of the grease trap now collects the heavy flour which is emptied on a planned basis. The calibrated flow meter allows the client to confirm the actual amount of water being discharged rather than simply accept the water authority approximation. As a consequence the drainage system will now be free from fat and flour which will yield considerable savings in both time and money for the client. Also the client will now only pay for the waste water actually discharged.