FS Daily Schedule

At Recovered Oil we are proud of the quality of our Fatstrippa™ product and the partnership approach we take with all our customers.

The 10 minute daily cleaning programme will ensure that your Fatstrippa™ unit provides the very best in grease control and FOG separation available:

At the bottom of this page is a maintenance demonstration video as well as a PDF download of our instruction sheet, which can be used to provide ongoing support and training for your kitchen staff. We recommend that your Fatstrippa™ units are fully serviced by one of our service engineers at least annually. In high-volume, busy kitchens a more frequent service is recommended.

Step 1

Remove, empty and clean the basket. 

Step 2

Using the supplied bottle brush (call 0800 066 5919 for further supplies), clean the outlet valve and ball housing.

Step 3

Both vertically and to the front.

Step 4

Empty the oil cassette daily (more frequently if necessary) into the Waste Fryer Oil container.

Step 5

Open the silt valve and flush for 5 to 20 seconds. NB do not let the unit empty as this will damage the element.

Step 6

This central area is to remain clean and dry at all time.

If you do not already have a planned maintenance service contract in place please call our support unit on 07813 881929 today.

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