FS Engineering & Towncentre Restaurants: Building relationships is at the core of our business

Giardino Restaurant

The relationship between FS engineering Ltd and Towncentre Restaurants started with our senior Regional Sales Manager, Gerald Oliver, making a cold call on the Cafe Giardino in one of the UK premier retail facilities, Bluewater Shopping Centre, Kent. Gerald was fortunate (the harder you work the luckier you get) to meet with Mr Michele Montagna Operations Director who was visiting Bluewater and having discussions with the Bovis Lend-lease Centre management regarding their ongoing drainage issues.

Michele’s wife and Operations Manager, Jane Montagna, has this to say about FSEL and the Fatstrippa product:

Town Centre Restaurants were first introduced to Fatstrippa in 2005. At the time we were researching the market for a company who would be able to help us resolve our drainage issues and various other problems within our wash up areas. We have since installed 12 units within our estate, and at all of these sites we have been able to eradicate any issues that we were suffering before the units were installed.

Gerald has always been our main contact with Fatstrippa and has constantly given our requests his immediate attention, following through until installation and training has been completed.

FS Oncall, the new specialist drainage services division of FS Engineering have recently completed major repair and replacement of drainage pipes for Cafe Giardino, The Disney Store and Westfield Regional Shopping Centre, Merryhill, in the West Midlands to the total satisfaction of everyone at Towncentre Restaurants.