First Recoil Unit into KTC Edibles


Location: West Midlands, UK

Installation Date: 14th November 2004

Industry Sector: Oil repackaging, blending, margarine and lard production and packaging

KTC PhotoPre-install Issues: Attempting to remove waste oils from their effluent wtih a small DAF system, the client was bearing the costs of having to tanker away large volumes of oily water from site. The Water Authority was testing the effluent weekly and the site received numerous compliance and improvement notices. The Water Authority was scheduled to close the drains unless a solution could be found. Being unable to process the effluent properly, the client was unable to keep the tank farm area free from oil. The tank farm bund was constantly full of effluent containing approx 30% oil.

KTC PhotoSolution: Following discussions with the development team at Recovered Oil Limited, this became the first installation for a Recoil unit (Recoil 18). The effluent from 5 different locations was piped to a centrally located unit, using low shear, continuous cavity pumps. The resulting separated oil is pumped to waiting IBC units. Recovered Oil were also engaged to oversee the site clean up operation to rid the various locations of years of oil build up.

KTC PhotoResult: The initial clean up and Recoil processing of the 15 acre site, including 3 grease traps and interceptors totalling around 60 cubic meters of effluent, together with the tank farm bund which contained a further 450 cubic meters of effluent, yielded 73 tonnes of marketable oils. Normal operations since then yield around 14 tonnes of saleable oils and fats each week. The client is now consistently compliant with their discharge licence and was removed from the Water Authority watch list after only 3 months of operation. Attached are the before and after Water Authority test results – click to download.

Severn Trent Water Analysis, 2 November 2004, just prior to Recoil installation.

Severn Trent Water Analysis, 1 December 2004, soon after Recoil installation.

Severn Trent Water Analysis, 20 July 2006, approx 18 months after Recoil installation.

Having removed the cost of operating the DAF plant and tankering effluent, the client now enjoys an income of around Ј2800 per week from recovered oil sales.