Fatstrippa replaces dosing system at Nando’s

Effective handling of Fats Oils and Greases in waste water is an important task and if not performed properly can lead to the temporary or long term closure of a restaurant while clogged drains and sewers are cleared. The knock-on effect of blocked drains on other restaurants and retailers can lead to large third party liability claims for damages or lost revenue. Nando’s restaurants were using a well known dosing system but problems associated with blocked drains continued. Apart from being ineffective and expensive, the system involved dumping chemicals into drains. These chemicals are certainly not environmentally friendly and at best only serve to pass the problem further down the waste water and sewerage chain. To minimize costs and maximize restaurant profitability, a review of processing kitchen water was undertaken and Fatstrippa™ chosen to be the company standard for all new builds as well as the company’s “sparkle” program of retrofits. Fatstrippa™ proved to be not only the most successful in completely removing fats oils and greases at source but, inclusive of initial costs, was also the most cost effective in operation over a one year period.