Fatstrippa proves effectiveness in short pay-back period for KFC franchise

KFC PhotoPrior to the installation of Fatstrippa, Ramesh Chadha, General Manager of T.A.F.S. Food Ltd., a franchisee of KFC, was coming under increasing pressure from his landlord and various local bodies, concerned about the health issues connected with drainage problems at one of his stores. The cost of maintaining the system to an acceptable standard was in the region of £4,000 per quarter. This involved chemical dosing, which was proving ineffective, necessitating the drains being cleared by companies like Meta Rod on a frequent basis. Upon recommendation of another franchisee, the existing system was removed and a Fatstrippa installed in his Stratford location. The installation has seen a dramatic improvement in the working environment of the store. “Ever since the Fatstrippa was installed, the problems seem to have disappeared” reports Mr Chadha. The Fatstrippa unit doesn’t rely on timers to trigger enzyme or chemical dosing (which had been wholly ineffective any way), or mechanically operated removal devices. The Fatstrippa separates grease out from the waste water to 100ppm, simply and efficiently, whenever the sinks are used. With no moving parts, the unit is very low maintenance. “With a mobile workforce It is important that the unit is user friendly and the manager and store staff are very pleased with this piece of equipment” comments Mr Chadha. “No dosing units or grease traps could have done the job better!” Mr Chadha continues. The overall effectiveness and cost savings have prompted Mr Chadha to retro-fit Fatstrippa units in other stores.