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An end to waste-tankering for oil bottling plant

Customer: Oil Bottling Plant

Location: Belvedere, Kent, UK

Installation Date: 6th November 2009

Industry Sector: Food oil bottling

Pre-install Issues: The client was unable to discharge any trade effluent to drain. This was due to the large amount of FOG in the effluent as the client uses very little water in their bottling process. The water that is used, however, becomes heavily laden with oils and therefore has a high C.O.D – in excess of 19,000 ppm.

Thames Water, the client’s Water Authority had refused to grant a discharge license until a pre-treatment had been installed to bring down the contamination to an appropriate level: FOG less than 100 ppm and C.O.D. less than 2,000 ppm.

Until the discharge license was issued the client had to have all waste removed from site by tanker and IBC, for treatment at a sister-site 5 miles away.


An FS 650 RH Special including effluent delivery pump, oil transfer pump and oil collection tank.

Result: Since the Fatstrippa unit was installed and commissioned the client is now able to treat the waste water on site to the standards required by Thames Water and they have applied for their discharge license.

The client is also recovering merchantable waste oil at the rate of 1-2 tonnes each week.

Hill Biscuits clear their lines with Fatstrippa

Hill Biscuits PhotoCustomer: HILL BISCUITS LTD

Location: Ashton under Lyme, Lancashire, UK

Installation Date: 16th May 2009

Industry Sector: Biscuit manufacture

Pre-install Issues: The client has experienced drainage issues, from a combination of solidified palm oil and flour, for a considerable time; the consequent drain jetting and waste removal, have been a persistant and unnecessary cost to the business. The client has a small two-stage grease trap in the wash-down location inside the factory that has obvious complications for the adjacent production area.

Solution: A 6.5 litre per second Fatstrippa was installed with a low shear Mono pump for effluent delivery. The two sections of the grease trap were isolated and the primary section utilised as a pump well from where effluent is drawn from the mid point via a dip tube.

Hill Biscuits PhotoHill Biscuits PhotoResult: The effluent is passed through the Fatstrippa which efficiently removes larger debris and any oils present. The processed effluent is the passed through a flow meter before returning by gravity to the secondary stage of the original trap and onward to drain. The lower part of the primary section of the grease trap now collects the heavy flour which is emptied on a planned basis. The calibrated flow meter allows the client to confirm the actual amount of water being discharged rather than simply accept the water authority approximation. As a consequence the drainage system will now be free from fat and flour which will yield considerable savings in both time and money for the client. Also the client will now only pay for the waste water actually discharged.

Cadbury Schweppes, Bristol


Location: Bristol, UK

Installation Date: 10th December 2005

Industry Sector: Manufacture of chocolate confectionary

Pre-install Issues: The particular issue for this site was the contamination of waste water with Palm Oil used in the production process. The oil was passing through the conventional grease traps and contaminating the waste water plant. The building at this site is a listed 19th century mill where chocolate has been produced for over 100 years; partly as a consequence, the drainage system is easily overloaded.

Solution: Trials were held using a standard restaurant Fatstrippa, these proved successful in removing the oil contamination to less than 60ppm. Subsequent to this we designed and manufactured a 6.5 litre per second Fatstrippa, specifically for this site, which included a heated oil valve and specialised filters.

Result: This Industrial Fatstrippa was successful in removing the palm oil to below 60ppm and has relieved the pressure on the drainage system and the effluent plant.

Kettleby Foods


Location: Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, UK

Installation Date: 29th August 2004

Industry Sector: Production of Ready Meals

Pre-install Issues: The client boils minced pork and beef in large pressure vessels before combining with other ingredients. The resulting effluent from these vessels has a high fat content (approx 12%), the client was settling the effluent in these vessels prior to skimming the worst of the oil contamination with a manually operated vacuum pump and lance, the removed effluent was transferred to IBC containers and disposed of; this had a cost of around £50 per tonne for shipping and dumping.

Kettleby Foods PhotoSolution: The client wanted a solution which would automatically remove the oils from the waste water thereby enabling faster turnaround of the cooking vessels, reduced waste charges and income from the recovered fats and oils. A specially manufactured Fatstrippa unit, to handle 10 litres per second of flow, was installed with integral oil container and pump to transfer the recovered oils and fats via a trace heated line to a heated storage vessel.

Result: The Fatstrippa is removing the waste fats and oils from the effluent to below 100ppm whilst transferring in excess of 5 tonnes of oils and fats per week to the storage vessel. This oil is achieving an income of around £1-1.5k per week. The cooking vessels now have a faster turnaround between batches therefore helping with the efficiency of the operations. The Fatstrippa is controlled via a logic panel with process management indicators. The whole process happens automatically and without human interface.