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Fatstrippa Success for Yorkshire Water in Haxby

Yorkshire Water appoint FS Engineering for Haxby project and now, 4 months after the Fatstrippa installations, Fran Winter the Network Protection Manager for Yorkshire Water says:

… I have such faith in your technology after the Haxby project I now have put your company details to the top of the list of suppliers when I write my letters to commercial customers

The problem at Haxby

Haxby Problems

The solution at Haxby

Haxby Solution

The results at Haxby

Haxby Results with Fatstrippa

Haxby village, 4 miles north of York, has a history of problems with the drainage network due, in part, to a concentration of Hot Food Catering outlets. Yorkshire Water has provided drainage clearance works on a regular basis and over a number of years, removing the build up of fat, oil and grease. Yorkshire Water required a solution to this problem which was causing serious disruption and cost.

FS Engineering has been contracted to provide Fatstrippa FOG separation equipment to six catering outlets and to clear the ambient drains. The following account details the works under-taken and the early results of Fatstrippa network protection. The red lines marked on the site plans show the approximate positions of drains that were cleared.

Pizza Box

The Village, Haxby Site Plan

Haxby Photo Haxby Photo

Fitted with an FS70 (external)

Haxby Photo

Drain runs to rear of premises and behind the attached domestic terrace were cleared prior to Fatstrippa installation.

Photos before clearance and four months after Fatstrippa installation.

Haxby Photo Haxby Photo

Miller’s Famous Fish and Chips

55 The Village, Haxby, YO32 2JE Site Plan (see above)

Haxby Photo

Miller’s FS 125 RH, collecting an average of about 2 litres FOG per day since installation (approximately 3/4 tonne per year)

Haxby Photo

External (non-functional) grease trap prior to clearance: Rear-yard manhole, 4 months after Fatstrippa installation.

Haxby Photo Haxby Photo

Paddyfields Chinese Restaurant

64 The Village, Haxby, YO32 2HX Site Plan:

Haxby Photo Haxby Photo

Paddyfields’ FS125 LH (external) collecting approximately 1 litre of FOG per day

Haxby Photo

Drain runs cleared, here shown 4 months after Fatstrippa installation.

Haxby Photo

Jinnah Balti House

18 The Village, Haxby, YO32 3HT Site Plan:

Haxby Photo Haxby Photo

Jinnah’s external FS 100 RH, collecting approximately 1 litre of FOG per day:

Haxby Photo

Drain runs cleared, here shown 4 months after Fatstrippa installation:

Haxby Photo

Haxby Co-op

9-10 Ryedale Court, Haxby, YO32 3SA Site Plan:

Haxby Photo Haxby Photo

Cooked food deli unit fitted with FS 100 RH, collecting over 2 litres of Fog per day

Haxby Photo

Example of rear-yard manhole before clearance: 4 months after clearance and Fatstrippa installation:

Haxby Photo Haxby Photo

Haxby Fortune Inn

3 Ryedale Court, Haxby, YO32 3SA Site Plan (see above)

Haxby Photo

FS 125 RH, collecting approximately 2 litres per day

Haxby Photo

Manhole directly to rear of Fortune Inn, 4 months after clearance:

Haxby Photo

In addition to the above works FS Engineering will continue to supply updated drainage reports and photographs over the coming months and years.

FS Engineering & Towncentre Restaurants: Building relationships is at the core of our business

Giardino Restaurant

The relationship between FS engineering Ltd and Towncentre Restaurants started with our senior Regional Sales Manager, Gerald Oliver, making a cold call on the Cafe Giardino in one of the UK premier retail facilities, Bluewater Shopping Centre, Kent. Gerald was fortunate (the harder you work the luckier you get) to meet with Mr Michele Montagna Operations Director who was visiting Bluewater and having discussions with the Bovis Lend-lease Centre management regarding their ongoing drainage issues.

Michele’s wife and Operations Manager, Jane Montagna, has this to say about FSEL and the Fatstrippa product:

Town Centre Restaurants were first introduced to Fatstrippa in 2005. At the time we were researching the market for a company who would be able to help us resolve our drainage issues and various other problems within our wash up areas. We have since installed 12 units within our estate, and at all of these sites we have been able to eradicate any issues that we were suffering before the units were installed.

Gerald has always been our main contact with Fatstrippa and has constantly given our requests his immediate attention, following through until installation and training has been completed.

FS Oncall, the new specialist drainage services division of FS Engineering have recently completed major repair and replacement of drainage pipes for Cafe Giardino, The Disney Store and Westfield Regional Shopping Centre, Merryhill, in the West Midlands to the total satisfaction of everyone at Towncentre Restaurants.

Ramada Jarvis choose Fatstrippa

After many years battling with the high cost, disruption and frustration of blockages to the kitchen drains, Ramada Jarvis carried out a thorough and far-reaching review of their options. Various possibilities were evaluated and the key issues were:

  • high-performance Fat, Oil and Grease separation
  • cost of supply and installation
  • on-costs of consumable materials and solutions, &
  • mechanical reliability

Ramada Jarvis chose FS Engineering to supply and install the patented Fatstrippa grease separation system.

Fatstrippa has class leading performance for F.O.G. separation with levels below 100ppm regularly recorded. Although there are a number of products with lower top-line prices, none of these deliver the same performance; the same ease of maintenance; the same freedom from dosing with expensive enzymes or bacteria; the same complete package.

FS Engineering have now delivered a tailored package of 2x FS220 and 1x FS100 units covering the combi-ovens, pot-wash and dish-washer areas. Ramada Jarvis Bradford wave good-bye to their F.O.G. problems.

Thoresby Hall Hotel

Thoresby Hall PhotoThoresby Hall Hotel had previously installed 7 Grease Guzzler Dosing systems with ongoing maintenance regime (and ongoing cost). These units proved totally inadequate and the Fat, Grease and Oil that passed through led to mass contamination of their Waste Water Treatment plant costing thousands to rectify. Since de-commissioning the dosing systems and replacing with Fatstrippa units, not only are the drains and treatment plant free from F.O.G., but we were also able to arrange a revenue generating contract from the separated F.O.G

Fatstrippa proves effectiveness in short pay-back period for KFC franchise

KFC PhotoPrior to the installation of Fatstrippa, Ramesh Chadha, General Manager of T.A.F.S. Food Ltd., a franchisee of KFC, was coming under increasing pressure from his landlord and various local bodies, concerned about the health issues connected with drainage problems at one of his stores. The cost of maintaining the system to an acceptable standard was in the region of £4,000 per quarter. This involved chemical dosing, which was proving ineffective, necessitating the drains being cleared by companies like Meta Rod on a frequent basis. Upon recommendation of another franchisee, the existing system was removed and a Fatstrippa installed in his Stratford location. The installation has seen a dramatic improvement in the working environment of the store. “Ever since the Fatstrippa was installed, the problems seem to have disappeared” reports Mr Chadha. The Fatstrippa unit doesn’t rely on timers to trigger enzyme or chemical dosing (which had been wholly ineffective any way), or mechanically operated removal devices. The Fatstrippa separates grease out from the waste water to 100ppm, simply and efficiently, whenever the sinks are used. With no moving parts, the unit is very low maintenance. “With a mobile workforce It is important that the unit is user friendly and the manager and store staff are very pleased with this piece of equipment” comments Mr Chadha. “No dosing units or grease traps could have done the job better!” Mr Chadha continues. The overall effectiveness and cost savings have prompted Mr Chadha to retro-fit Fatstrippa units in other stores.

Fatstrippa replaces dosing system at Nando’s

Effective handling of Fats Oils and Greases in waste water is an important task and if not performed properly can lead to the temporary or long term closure of a restaurant while clogged drains and sewers are cleared. The knock-on effect of blocked drains on other restaurants and retailers can lead to large third party liability claims for damages or lost revenue. Nando’s restaurants were using a well known dosing system but problems associated with blocked drains continued. Apart from being ineffective and expensive, the system involved dumping chemicals into drains. These chemicals are certainly not environmentally friendly and at best only serve to pass the problem further down the waste water and sewerage chain. To minimize costs and maximize restaurant profitability, a review of processing kitchen water was undertaken and Fatstrippa™ chosen to be the company standard for all new builds as well as the company’s “sparkle” program of retrofits. Fatstrippa™ proved to be not only the most successful in completely removing fats oils and greases at source but, inclusive of initial costs, was also the most cost effective in operation over a one year period.