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Wiltshire Dairy plant seeing major benefits from their Recoil System 28

121114 Arla Westbury Recoil5

Recoil System 28

Following the turnkey installation of our Recoil System 28 plant, at a leading Wiltshire dairy, an immediate difference was noted in their effluent plant: recovering substantial volumes of high grade (low moisture) butter fats, the effluent plant is now within discharge consent and the pre-existing DAF plant sludge has been virtually eminated. A further result of the installation has been the COD reduction within the process effluent (as a direct result of FOG removal) and while this does not happen in all food processing industries, it is an added benefit of the system when deployed in dairy facilities.

With the cost savings on sludge handling, and the ever increasing value of the recovered FOG, this site have calculated that the Recoil system will have a payback time of less than eighteen months !

Fatstrippa Success for Yorkshire Water in Haxby

Yorkshire Water appoint FS Engineering for Haxby project and now, 4 months after the Fatstrippa installations, Fran Winter the Network Protection Manager for Yorkshire Water says:

… I have such faith in your technology after the Haxby project I now have put your company details to the top of the list of suppliers when I write my letters to commercial customers

The problem at Haxby

Haxby Problems

The solution at Haxby

Haxby Solution

The results at Haxby

Haxby Results with Fatstrippa

Haxby village, 4 miles north of York, has a history of problems with the drainage network due, in part, to a concentration of Hot Food Catering outlets. Yorkshire Water has provided drainage clearance works on a regular basis and over a number of years, removing the build up of fat, oil and grease. Yorkshire Water required a solution to this problem which was causing serious disruption and cost.

FS Engineering has been contracted to provide Fatstrippa FOG separation equipment to six catering outlets and to clear the ambient drains. The following account details the works under-taken and the early results of Fatstrippa network protection. The red lines marked on the site plans show the approximate positions of drains that were cleared.

Pizza Box

The Village, Haxby Site Plan

Haxby Photo Haxby Photo

Fitted with an FS70 (external)

Haxby Photo

Drain runs to rear of premises and behind the attached domestic terrace were cleared prior to Fatstrippa installation.

Photos before clearance and four months after Fatstrippa installation.

Haxby Photo Haxby Photo

Miller’s Famous Fish and Chips

55 The Village, Haxby, YO32 2JE Site Plan (see above)

Haxby Photo

Miller’s FS 125 RH, collecting an average of about 2 litres FOG per day since installation (approximately 3/4 tonne per year)

Haxby Photo

External (non-functional) grease trap prior to clearance: Rear-yard manhole, 4 months after Fatstrippa installation.

Haxby Photo Haxby Photo

Paddyfields Chinese Restaurant

64 The Village, Haxby, YO32 2HX Site Plan:

Haxby Photo Haxby Photo

Paddyfields’ FS125 LH (external) collecting approximately 1 litre of FOG per day

Haxby Photo

Drain runs cleared, here shown 4 months after Fatstrippa installation.

Haxby Photo

Jinnah Balti House

18 The Village, Haxby, YO32 3HT Site Plan:

Haxby Photo Haxby Photo

Jinnah’s external FS 100 RH, collecting approximately 1 litre of FOG per day:

Haxby Photo

Drain runs cleared, here shown 4 months after Fatstrippa installation:

Haxby Photo

Haxby Co-op

9-10 Ryedale Court, Haxby, YO32 3SA Site Plan:

Haxby Photo Haxby Photo

Cooked food deli unit fitted with FS 100 RH, collecting over 2 litres of Fog per day

Haxby Photo

Example of rear-yard manhole before clearance: 4 months after clearance and Fatstrippa installation:

Haxby Photo Haxby Photo

Haxby Fortune Inn

3 Ryedale Court, Haxby, YO32 3SA Site Plan (see above)

Haxby Photo

FS 125 RH, collecting approximately 2 litres per day

Haxby Photo

Manhole directly to rear of Fortune Inn, 4 months after clearance:

Haxby Photo

In addition to the above works FS Engineering will continue to supply updated drainage reports and photographs over the coming months and years.

An end to waste-tankering for oil bottling plant

Customer: Oil Bottling Plant

Location: Belvedere, Kent, UK

Installation Date: 6th November 2009

Industry Sector: Food oil bottling

Pre-install Issues: The client was unable to discharge any trade effluent to drain. This was due to the large amount of FOG in the effluent as the client uses very little water in their bottling process. The water that is used, however, becomes heavily laden with oils and therefore has a high C.O.D – in excess of 19,000 ppm.

Thames Water, the client’s Water Authority had refused to grant a discharge license until a pre-treatment had been installed to bring down the contamination to an appropriate level: FOG less than 100 ppm and C.O.D. less than 2,000 ppm.

Until the discharge license was issued the client had to have all waste removed from site by tanker and IBC, for treatment at a sister-site 5 miles away.


An FS 650 RH Special including effluent delivery pump, oil transfer pump and oil collection tank.

Result: Since the Fatstrippa unit was installed and commissioned the client is now able to treat the waste water on site to the standards required by Thames Water and they have applied for their discharge license.

The client is also recovering merchantable waste oil at the rate of 1-2 tonnes each week.

FS Engineering & Towncentre Restaurants: Building relationships is at the core of our business

Giardino Restaurant

The relationship between FS engineering Ltd and Towncentre Restaurants started with our senior Regional Sales Manager, Gerald Oliver, making a cold call on the Cafe Giardino in one of the UK premier retail facilities, Bluewater Shopping Centre, Kent. Gerald was fortunate (the harder you work the luckier you get) to meet with Mr Michele Montagna Operations Director who was visiting Bluewater and having discussions with the Bovis Lend-lease Centre management regarding their ongoing drainage issues.

Michele’s wife and Operations Manager, Jane Montagna, has this to say about FSEL and the Fatstrippa product:

Town Centre Restaurants were first introduced to Fatstrippa in 2005. At the time we were researching the market for a company who would be able to help us resolve our drainage issues and various other problems within our wash up areas. We have since installed 12 units within our estate, and at all of these sites we have been able to eradicate any issues that we were suffering before the units were installed.

Gerald has always been our main contact with Fatstrippa and has constantly given our requests his immediate attention, following through until installation and training has been completed.

FS Oncall, the new specialist drainage services division of FS Engineering have recently completed major repair and replacement of drainage pipes for Cafe Giardino, The Disney Store and Westfield Regional Shopping Centre, Merryhill, in the West Midlands to the total satisfaction of everyone at Towncentre Restaurants.

Hill Biscuits clear their lines with Fatstrippa

Hill Biscuits PhotoCustomer: HILL BISCUITS LTD

Location: Ashton under Lyme, Lancashire, UK

Installation Date: 16th May 2009

Industry Sector: Biscuit manufacture

Pre-install Issues: The client has experienced drainage issues, from a combination of solidified palm oil and flour, for a considerable time; the consequent drain jetting and waste removal, have been a persistant and unnecessary cost to the business. The client has a small two-stage grease trap in the wash-down location inside the factory that has obvious complications for the adjacent production area.

Solution: A 6.5 litre per second Fatstrippa was installed with a low shear Mono pump for effluent delivery. The two sections of the grease trap were isolated and the primary section utilised as a pump well from where effluent is drawn from the mid point via a dip tube.

Hill Biscuits PhotoHill Biscuits PhotoResult: The effluent is passed through the Fatstrippa which efficiently removes larger debris and any oils present. The processed effluent is the passed through a flow meter before returning by gravity to the secondary stage of the original trap and onward to drain. The lower part of the primary section of the grease trap now collects the heavy flour which is emptied on a planned basis. The calibrated flow meter allows the client to confirm the actual amount of water being discharged rather than simply accept the water authority approximation. As a consequence the drainage system will now be free from fat and flour which will yield considerable savings in both time and money for the client. Also the client will now only pay for the waste water actually discharged.

Ramada Jarvis choose Fatstrippa

After many years battling with the high cost, disruption and frustration of blockages to the kitchen drains, Ramada Jarvis carried out a thorough and far-reaching review of their options. Various possibilities were evaluated and the key issues were:

  • high-performance Fat, Oil and Grease separation
  • cost of supply and installation
  • on-costs of consumable materials and solutions, &
  • mechanical reliability

Ramada Jarvis chose FS Engineering to supply and install the patented Fatstrippa grease separation system.

Fatstrippa has class leading performance for F.O.G. separation with levels below 100ppm regularly recorded. Although there are a number of products with lower top-line prices, none of these deliver the same performance; the same ease of maintenance; the same freedom from dosing with expensive enzymes or bacteria; the same complete package.

FS Engineering have now delivered a tailored package of 2x FS220 and 1x FS100 units covering the combi-ovens, pot-wash and dish-washer areas. Ramada Jarvis Bradford wave good-bye to their F.O.G. problems.

2 Sisters do the Double


Location: North Lancs., UK

Installation Date: 8th August 2008

Industry Sector: Chicken Roasting (120 tonnes per week)

Pre-install Issues: The client site has a central collection pit for all effluent which was emptied utilising high shear chopper pumps. The effluent was then passed over a wedge wire screen to remove solid debris before passing to a bio nutrient plant, from where the treated effluent was pH balanced and fed through a DAF plant to remove oils and excess biomass. The high content of chicken fat present caused untold problems with all stages of the process, the screen would blind with semi solid fat causing a large proportion of the effluent to simply run into the solids collection pit (30 mі) resulting in the requirement for this to be pumped 3 times per week at a cost of Ј400 each time. The bio nutrient plant, which is designed to remove sugars present in the coatings, could not operate efficiently as the fats were clogging up the system. The DAF plant could not cope with the strength of effluent being passed through it. As a consequence the Water Authority was regularly assessing the site and applying surcharges to the normal water charges. There was also a considerable odour problem from decaying fats, as the site is adjacent to a residential area, so the site was subject to pressure from the City Council and local resident pressure groups to improve the situation. Water disposal costs were around Ј25,000 per month with tankering costs of around Ј5,000.

2 Sisters PhotoSolution: The site was fitted with a Recoil 18 system, complete with solids removal augers and low shear pump systems. Additional heat sources were utilised due to the fast solidifying nature of the chicken fat and the exposed location of the equipment.

2 Sisters PhotoResult: The effluent is now initially treated by the Recoil system which efficiently removes the solid debris before de-oiling the effluent. As a result the wedge wire screen now works as designed to remove fine solids and carbon from the ovens. The bio nutrient plant is also now fully operational with the DAF system being used solely to remove the biomass carryover at the end of the process. Consequently the site is now compliant with the effluent standards required, the smell issue has abated and the sludge haulage costs are sunstantially reduced. Moreover, the site’s water charges have reduced to Ј5000 per month with Recovered Oil sales yielding approx Ј3-4000 per month.

United Biscuits: New dawn for effluent processing


Location: Ashby de la Zouche, Liecestershire, UK

Installation Date: 17th June 2008

Industry Sector: Preformed corn and potato starch fried snacks

United Biscuits PhotoPre-install Issues: The client was trying to use a DAF plant to remove oils from their effluent but this was unsuccessful due to the high pH of the effluent (9-11), exacerbated by the caustic wash from the frying kettles. pH balancing was required before AND after the DAF plant. The client had been outside of consent for some time and had recently been fined Ј50k by the Environment Agency.

United Biscuits PhotoSolution: A Recoil 28 unit was installed to replace the aging DAF plant, there are no solids present and as result the augers were omitted. The control systems are Siemens S7 logic and feature touch sensitive user interface with manual override for all controls to enable individual maintenance functions to be accessed remotely. The pH balancing is now only performed once, after the Recoil system

United Biscuits PhotoResult: The client has removed the cost of running the DAF plant, reduced the cost of pH control and removed the requirement for any sludge to be removed from site. Total savings Ј70k per annum. On top of this the client now enjoys an income of over Ј50k per annum from the sale of the recovered sunflower oil, the recover rate is around 20 tonnes per month at up to 97%. The client is now consistently compliant with their discharge licence, FOG has been reduced from peaks of 20,000ppm to a consistent level below 100ppm. COD is reduced by 85% as are TSS. pH is also now normalised between 6 and 8.

Thoresby Hall Hotel

Thoresby Hall PhotoThoresby Hall Hotel had previously installed 7 Grease Guzzler Dosing systems with ongoing maintenance regime (and ongoing cost). These units proved totally inadequate and the Fat, Grease and Oil that passed through led to mass contamination of their Waste Water Treatment plant costing thousands to rectify. Since de-commissioning the dosing systems and replacing with Fatstrippa units, not only are the drains and treatment plant free from F.O.G., but we were also able to arrange a revenue generating contract from the separated F.O.G