Cadbury Schweppes, Bristol


Location: Bristol, UK

Installation Date: 10th December 2005

Industry Sector: Manufacture of chocolate confectionary

Pre-install Issues: The particular issue for this site was the contamination of waste water with Palm Oil used in the production process. The oil was passing through the conventional grease traps and contaminating the waste water plant. The building at this site is a listed 19th century mill where chocolate has been produced for over 100 years; partly as a consequence, the drainage system is easily overloaded.

Solution: Trials were held using a standard restaurant Fatstrippa, these proved successful in removing the oil contamination to less than 60ppm. Subsequent to this we designed and manufactured a 6.5 litre per second Fatstrippa, specifically for this site, which included a heated oil valve and specialised filters.

Result: This Industrial Fatstrippa was successful in removing the palm oil to below 60ppm and has relieved the pressure on the drainage system and the effluent plant.