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Wiltshire Dairy plant seeing major benefits from their Recoil System 28

121114 Arla Westbury Recoil5

Recoil System 28

Following the turnkey installation of our Recoil System 28 plant, at a leading Wiltshire dairy, an immediate difference was noted in their effluent plant: recovering substantial volumes of high grade (low moisture) butter fats, the effluent plant is now within discharge consent and the pre-existing DAF plant sludge has been virtually eminated. A further result of the installation has been the COD reduction within the process effluent (as a direct result of FOG removal) and while this does not happen in all food processing industries, it is an added benefit of the system when deployed in dairy facilities.

With the cost savings on sludge handling, and the ever increasing value of the recovered FOG, this site have calculated that the Recoil system will have a payback time of less than eighteen months !

Following the success at Haxby, Yorkshire Water turn to Fatstrippa for new project


Following on from the fantastic success of the network protection project in Haxby Village, Yorkshire Water have again turned to Fatstrippa for the supply and installation of Fatstrippa units. Burnsall village, in the yorkshire dales, has a long (and expensive) history of problems with the build up of fat, oil and grease (FOG) in their local sewage pumping station.

Fatstrippa units have been supplied and installed by Fatstrippa for their unrivalled performance in the separation and removal of FOG (fat, oil and grease) from the waste water of commercial, cooked food operations.

Fatstrippa Project delivers huge benefits for Yorkshire Water and Haxby

Estimates show that in the 20 months since the start of the Fatstrippa project in Haxby over 5 tonnes of fat, oil and grease have been intercepted and prevented from entering the drain network in Haxby – That’s enough to fill more half a kilometre of 4″ pipe!

Haxby village, 4 miles north of York, has a history of problems with the drainage network due, in part, to a concentration of Hot Food Catering outlets. Yorkshire Water has provided drainage clearance works on a regular basis and over a number of years, removing the build up of fat, oil and grease. Yorkshire Water required a solution to this problem which was causing serious disruption and cost.

Project Update 20 months after installation.

Pizza Box

Photos before clearance and twenty months after Fatstrippa installation.

Haxby Photo  

Miller’s Famous Fish and Chips

External (non-functional) grease trap prior to clearance: Rear-yard manhole, 4 months after Fatstrippa installation.

Haxby Photo  

Paddyfields Chinese Restaurant

Drain runs cleared, here shown 4 and 20 months after Fatstrippa installation.

Haxby Photo  

Jinnah Balti House

Drain runs cleared, here shown 4 and 20 months after Fatstrippa installation:

Haxby Photo  

Haxby Co-op

Example of rear-yard manhole before clearance and 20 months after clearance and Fatstrippa installation:

Haxby Photo  

Haxby Fortune Inn

Manhole directly to rear of Fortune Inn, 4 and 20 months after clearance:

Haxby Photo  


An end to waste-tankering for oil bottling plant

Customer: Oil Bottling Plant

Location: Belvedere, Kent, UK

Installation Date: 6th November 2009

Industry Sector: Food oil bottling

Pre-install Issues: The client was unable to discharge any trade effluent to drain. This was due to the large amount of FOG in the effluent as the client uses very little water in their bottling process. The water that is used, however, becomes heavily laden with oils and therefore has a high C.O.D – in excess of 19,000 ppm.

Thames Water, the client’s Water Authority had refused to grant a discharge license until a pre-treatment had been installed to bring down the contamination to an appropriate level: FOG less than 100 ppm and C.O.D. less than 2,000 ppm.

Until the discharge license was issued the client had to have all waste removed from site by tanker and IBC, for treatment at a sister-site 5 miles away.


An FS 650 RH Special including effluent delivery pump, oil transfer pump and oil collection tank.

Result: Since the Fatstrippa unit was installed and commissioned the client is now able to treat the waste water on site to the standards required by Thames Water and they have applied for their discharge license.

The client is also recovering merchantable waste oil at the rate of 1-2 tonnes each week.