An end to waste-tankering for oil bottling plant

Customer: Oil Bottling Plant

Location: Belvedere, Kent, UK

Installation Date: 6th November 2009

Industry Sector: Food oil bottling

Pre-install Issues: The client was unable to discharge any trade effluent to drain. This was due to the large amount of FOG in the effluent as the client uses very little water in their bottling process. The water that is used, however, becomes heavily laden with oils and therefore has a high C.O.D – in excess of 19,000 ppm.

Thames Water, the client’s Water Authority had refused to grant a discharge license until a pre-treatment had been installed to bring down the contamination to an appropriate level: FOG less than 100 ppm and C.O.D. less than 2,000 ppm.

Until the discharge license was issued the client had to have all waste removed from site by tanker and IBC, for treatment at a sister-site 5 miles away.


An FS 650 RH Special including effluent delivery pump, oil transfer pump and oil collection tank.

Result: Since the Fatstrippa unit was installed and commissioned the client is now able to treat the waste water on site to the standards required by Thames Water and they have applied for their discharge license.

The client is also recovering merchantable waste oil at the rate of 1-2 tonnes each week.